Simple Tips for Living Room Design

54ff82282ac26-living-room-green-window-deDesigning a living room can be challenging but it becomes even trickier when there is a small room space to deal with. The main challenge here is to keep the balance intact while arranging furniture at least according to the minimum requirement. Remember, all factors including room decoration, artwork selection and furniture come into play while designing a living room. Below are some ideas that may help you design your living room in an ideal way.

  • Instead of using large canvas painting in your small living room, go for the mirrors and wallpapers. These are sticky kind of decorations that bring charm in the room’s environment without killing its spaciousness. If you are willing to create coziness in the room, you can install wall panels. Faux brick panels are among the suitable choices to go for.decor-wallpaper
  • A hidden storage can serve well if you want to add functionality to the room design. A sofa or ottoman with a cabinet under it can be of great use as it can give quicker option for the removal of tea cups and other utensils.479eef49f516fedfa88dbd806259eacc
  • To keep the place roomy, it’s essential that you do not purchase bulky furniture. Big armchairs and sofas occupy big space and they surely make an average-sized room look smaller. To get small-scaled furniture, you can visit the antique shops from where you can find metallic as well as wooden chairs and tables of sleek designs.chic-living-room-design
  • Although the high ceiling doesn’t help in adjusting extra seating in the room but it is advantageous in another way. Since it is surely the capaciousness that you want your room to reflect, you can hang artwork high under the ceiling. That would make the visitors to look up and see the hanging decoration. It would give an overall impression of the room being large.
  • Bringing in a full size sofa when room doesn’t offer ample space is a wrong move. It would kill the room airiness. What you can instead is placing a small sized sofa that wouldn’t belong to a complete set. Place that sofa at a place where its legs would be visible from most part of the room.era-sofa_simon-legald_normann-copenhagen_lifestyle_dezeen_468_2
  • If your room offers good space in the middle, you can’t just place a conventional sofa there. However, you can get a backless sofa. A backless sofa offers non-traditional kind of sitting arrangement and it also looks great.fa1d71b4f9073a6e567a498941f48b23
  • To create further depth in the room’s design, place different plants in the room’s corners. Plants do not only add into the room’s decoration but they also freshen up the interior environment.corner-plants-decor-for-living-room
  • Instead of buying separate cabinets and tables for the purpose of storage, create a customized storage wall. The storage wall can keep books and room’s multimedia arrangement. The best thing about a storage wall is that it doesn’t eat the space.wall-storage-on-living-room-decoration

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